News Letters

News Letters

Welcome to our church’s NEWSLETTER! Whether you’re a visitor or a member of the church, it’s great to have you with us.
The Newsletter will be published every quarter and we look forward to
entertaining you with fun, interesting and informative news from our church and community.

Regarding the Newsletter

The Newsletter will be available in a black and white printed copy but will
also be available for download direct from our website. Please keep an eye
on our Facebook page for publishing information.

We Welcome your feedback

We hope you enjoy the read and we welcome any suggestions for
improvements or any news that you might want to share in the next

Click on the link below to download our Newsletter

Volume 1 – July to September 2018

Volume 2 – October to December 2018

Volume 3 – January to March 2019

Volume 4 – April to June 2019

Volume 5 – July to September 2019

Volume 6 – October to December 2019

Volume 7 – February to April 2020